Pumpkin Pattern

***Note: This pattern has only been tested by me. I'm not a pattern designer but I love making these pumpkins. I'm not the original maker of pumpkins like this, and if you get stuck with the pumpkin part there are a few videos on youtube that should help. ****


Make a tube [if you are using a circular sock machine] or hand knit a tube with a provisional cast on. My tube used a 12g mini skein with 64 stitches [about 4 inches long], but you could make yours any size you like. Make sure to leave a very generous tail at one end for creating the pumpkin sections. You can use the same tail for the stalk or join a new color.

Pick up your stitches at one end and weave your tail through all the stitches, so you can cinch the end closed. Cinch the end closed [top right photo]. You might need to hand stitch it closed a little tighter. 

Pick up your stitches at the other end and weave your tail through all the stitches. Before you close, stuff your pumpkin. I like to give it a good generous stuffing. The more stuffing the better. Close this end and leave your tail attached.

Use your tail to run the yarn around the outside and up through the middle and pull really tight. [middle left photo]. Then do this again for how many sections you want. I usually do 6-8 but depending on the size of your pumpkin you might want to do more or less. The tighter you pull your yarn the better the definition. It should look like the middle right photo when done.

Optional: Now pick up stitches around the top for your stalk. Pick up as many stitches as you need to to cover the circumference at the top. I usually pick up 12-14 stitches [middle bottom photo]

Row 1: Knit around
Row 2: Knit around and decrease as necessary so you have 12 stitches on your needles. If you are using dpns put 4 stitches on each needle.
Row 3: Knit around
Row 4: k2tog, k2, repeat around [9 stitches]
Row 5: Knit around 
Row 6: k2tog, k1, repeat around [6 stitches]
Row 7: Knit around
Row 8: k2tog around [3 stitches]
Row 9: cdd and pull yarn through last stitch. Weave end in.

Variation: At Row 6 or Row 8 you could do a icord to have a longer stalk. You can also attach leaves. I've used Susan Claudino's Patch pattern for my leaves. 

If you knit this pattern I'd love to see!!