Hello, September! I'm still working through orders as quick as I can. Turnaround is at 3-4 weeks, but I will be moving through orders quickly and will update the new turnaround as it changes.
I am always available on DM or email with any questions.

All orders up to and including #2699 have shipped! 
My schedule for this week (Sep 27-Oct 3) is:
Orders #2700 - 2718, dye & ship by Fri Oct 1. **This batch has a couple of very large orders [10+ skeins per order], so I won't be getting out as many orders this week. However, I do think I will be able to squeeze in a few more orders on Friday, and I will update the list if I am able to.

**** I will update this page every week, with orders being dyed and shipped, and any other updates ****

Thank for everyone's amazing support and patience.