Beyond the Dyepots [2]

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Let's talk Rainbows today! I love a good rainbow. There is something about a rainbow that is cheery and makes even a overcast day just a little brighter. Following the unexpected loss of my Uncle late last year, I started dyeing whatever made me happy. This of course has meant every new colorway I can think of, because new is always better to dye! Lots of bright colors and of course, lots of rainbows!
This week I've decided to do a new take on rainbows. Meet the "Shades of" collection. Each colorway is four different shades of individual colors of the rainbow. These were so much fun to create! I got to simply toss combos in the dye pots and see how they turned out. They're not a fade, so there was no precision involved, and it was a really fun dyeing experiment.
In the prairies we are experiencing a "second winter"! Today it started at -33C! Last summer we adopted a beautiful Red Heeler Australian Cattle Dog named "Ginny". She brings so much joy into our lives. However, walking her in -33C didn't bring much joy to either her or me this morning!! We are definitely dreaming of spring. Of warm weather, neon yarn and sitting outside!

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